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Here is the first report on issues I think are important to have a greater understand of the real details so you can form a more knowledgable opinion of your own, because there is only one person who can Make America Great Again... and that is the man or woman in the mirror.  

Other video's I have done you can access going to and typing in Wm W Fawell. There are over 20 reports and I will post the issue oriented reports here, but you are welcome to view all. I post key articles of the day on my "Elect Fawell" Facebook page in order to better inform you of the world around us outside the influence of the MSM, or what I call the "Lame Stream Media." Some may appear a bit outside of mainstream, but mainstream is what got us here, isn't it?

Table of Contents:

  1. Orderly R&R of Fed
  2. Federal Spending/Revenue Projection
  3. Build the Wall
  4. Announcement of Candidacy Video
  5. Term Limits
  6. State of Liberty
  7. Endless...
  8. Healthcare
  9. Balanced Budget
  10. 2nd Amendment & Bill of Rights
  11. Pro-Life
  12. Dreamers...
  13. Education
  14. Public/Private Unions
  15. Rock Island Arsenal
  16. Mississippi River
  17. Explaining the 2nd Stage of "Revolution" (3 part video)
  18. Chart of Income from 1917 to 2012: Lower 90% v Highest 10%
  19. Chart of WHO GOT RICH 2007-2006
  20. Article link; Rock Island Today on Liberty Legislation
  21. (CIPA) HR 1073 - Critical Infrasture Protection Act; Mitigating the Greatest Threat to America: Shielding America's electrical grid from EMP events.

1. The Orderly Removal & Replacement of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The problem is, of course, that not only is economics bankrupt but it has always been nothing more than politics in disguise.
-Hazel Henderson

If we are to commit to HR 24 (one of two bills in Liberty Legislation), a partial audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, we have to be prepared to pick up the pieces if the FED's conduct requires its reformation. We live in the most extreme monetary policy of fiat currencies, Financialization (systematic Securitization); accordingly, I am attaching this video, which explains a classical gold standard and the history of the uniquely America, Suffolk Bank (1816-1860), as a possible replacement to the FED, as it places guidance over the nations monetary policy into the hands of the quantitative action of all the people of the United States of America.  It is a rather novel concept, but an incredibly successful one with a long history.  In this respect, it is far more stable and with a much better established history, than the monetary experiments of the nations very private Federal Reserve Bank has conducted since 1987, and more specifically, their incredibly risky experiments since 2008, which I fear are soon to backfire on all Americans.  I hope not, but I see a storm ahead.


2. This is typical of what I post on the Elect Fawell Facebook page:

1 Federal Spending and Revenues Fiscal Doomsday


3. So many people from so many places give Trump a hard time on building a wall along our border with Mexico. I SAY BUILD THE WALL.

4. Video of Candidacy Announcement:

5. TERM LIMITS: Yes! (link)

6. A STATE of LIBERTY is defined as when the People rule their government. Our U.S. Constitution establish and codifies this daily operating model of government and Liberty Legislation will restore it.  Only if we restore the Peoples rule over their government can we restore The People's faith in that government; and until we Americans restore Liberty to our government no one can create jobs, resolve healthcare, end poverty or stop endless spending, taxes end endless war.  

7. I'm against endless spending, lending, borrowing, and endless war... what are they good for? Absolutely nothing...  

8. HEALTHCARE: What a disaster, we Americans pay a 225% premium more than every other developed nation and they provide universal healthcare. I don't know how healthcare in America can ever be dealt with until we've removed the blanket corruption built into healthcare, compliments of Obamacare, or what I call O'B'careful.  This is why restoring America to a State of Liberty is so important and why my answer to most social issues of the day revert back to this simple refrain... They are ALL the product of a corrupt system and the only answer is the same for all... Restore a State of Liberty to America.... continues...

9. A BALANCED BUDGET: Many talk about it and in a government run in a State of Liberty this is possible.  The foreign policy of Liberty reduces the cost of defense (Peace of Freedom). Further, the changes inherent to a State of Liberty would force the fortune we squander on healthcare down from devouring 18% of America's GDP down to 8/10% (which is what the rest of the developed world pays but covers everyone). That's a $1.7 trillion dollar savings. This alone is more than the nations annual deficit.  

                                So don't tell me we can't balance the budget.  


We can't drain The Swamp, but we can shut off it's water ...that's what Liberty Legislation is all about.

10. I SUPPORT OUR 2ND AMENDMENT & OUR ENTIRE BILL of RIGHTS. With Rights comes Responsibility and while we've done a good job preserving our 2nd Amendment Rights, we've let slide the other 9 Amendments of our Bill of Rights.  "The People" is a key term in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th & 10th Amendments, but we've let slide our Rights in 1, 4, 9 and 10.  If we are to be a nation of laws words must mean something, so we need to take the responsibility to enforce all of our rights and the words "the People" and by doing so, strengthen the 2nd Amendment along with all of our Rights.  

10a. Free Speech?  Time to Break Up the Big 6 MSM. We failed to make the government apply the Sherman & Clayton Acts (anti-monopoly) to the consolidation of our news media... and this is what we get.

10b. The 4th Amendment of Due Process & Protection from Warrantless Seizure.  Can you say civil forfeiture?  Originally designated to fight the drug war it is now used to take money from innocent American citizens without warrant nor due process.  

10c. The 9th & 10th Amendments don't exist because neither does States Rights, and if the Federal Govt doesn't allow States Rights to filter down to the States, how on Earth do you think our rights over our lives is going to make it?  

11. I am PRO-LIFE and do not see anywhere in Article III of our Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the power to write laws (Roe v Wade). The courts constitutional powers are to determine whose constitutional duty it is exercise the powers of government. If we restore a State of Liberty to America a lot of those powers will be restored to "the People" and the 10th Amendment (and our Bill of Rights) will become stronger.

12. DREAM CHILDREN: I think president Trump did the right thing he just said it wrong.  What he did was to say "Congress, do your job on setting a complete immigration policy. And if you don't, in 6 months I will."  I agree... CONGRESS DO YOUR JOB! 

13. EDUCATION: Tough issue, but I believe the centralization of education by the federal government has lead American education away from the critical thinking skills we learn from the 4 "R"s: Reading, Writing, Rithmatic and Recital, which are all the tools one needs to learn how to learn.  Another problem is Common Core: and while I'm sure some of it might be alright, teaching binary mathematics is not only absurd, it's a disaster.  People are NOT computers and that includes children.  Binary mathematics is the kind of thing that can only be born in Washington DC.  I believe the Dept of Education should be all but closed down and their powers returned to our 50 respective states where decisions over curriculum can be made closer to the People.  In fact, we could do this with a bevy of federal agencies (US EPA, HHS, etc).  

Parents should be turning off the TV and computer games, and have their children read non-fiction expanding their access to knowledge and history; teach them to write in order to organize their thoughts and share what they discover; Recall, if they can't remember what they learned and have axioms to guide their life they'll be left to wander.

14. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING FOR PUBLIC UNIONS DOES NOT WORK. Before too long all public unions find itself on both sides of the table as both union and elected official elected by the public union.  FDR and George Meany, both giants to Labor both declared public union collective bargaining impossible; FDR called government employment not a right, but a privilege.  This is the entire basis for the pension problems every state in the Union is embroiled... ESPECIALLY ILLINOIS.    

14a. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING FOR UNIONS IN PRIVATE INDUSTRY, I fully support. If private corporations may form and negotiate, so can labor.  Fair is fair.

15. I SUPPORT THE ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL ISLAND: It has been a bastion of America's defense since time immemorable. We have rare 7 axis machine tools rarely found in the world and a matchless work force capable of supplying the needs of our troops in the field in rapid response like no where else in America.  Yes, the Island is a economic engine but it is much more than that... it is the heart of America's defense.

16. I support any and all shipping and environmental improvements to our Great Mississippi River.  Our Mississippi is what makes the midwest the bread basket to the world because it allows low cost shipping on a scale found nowhere else in the world.  It is a nation treasure and wonder to the world, and we must foster and protect the Mighty Mississippi at all quarters.

17. In this 3 part video I explain the political phenomena of Revolution from Stage 1 into Stage 2 we currently find ourselves in.  Liberty Legislation is the only means I know of that can "front run" America from falling into its most violent Stage 3.  It's a fascinating look into what Strauss & Howe forecast in their book, "The Fourth Turning" (1998) within the historic structure of Revolution established by Crane Brinton in his landmark book "Anatomy of a Revolution" (1936).

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

18. Chart of Income from 1917 to 2012: Lower 90% v Highest 10% + chart showing decline of purchasing $ power from 1971 to 2016.  From here you can extrapolate Fed data from 1989 to 2016 of the decline of the 90% lower American's ownership of the nations total wealth from 38.6% to 22.6% (26 years) and work backwards 18 years from 1989 to arrive at a peak estimated lower 90% ownership in America of at least 50% of the nations wealth in 1971. In fact, when you consider 80% of the decline in purchasing power occurred from 1971 to 1984, what 90% of America owned in 1971 was most likely over 60% of the nations wealth. 

NOTE: Income stagnation for the lower 90% of America's starting in 1971.


NOTE: Precipitous drop in purchasing power of the dollar from 1971 to 1984.

19. WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO: CHART Showing all the newly created wealth in America went to the top 10%.

20. Liberty Legislation: "U.S. House hopeful proposes 'liberty legislation' to give power back to the people" (That's me!)

21. CIPAct: An EMP attack or solar event over North America could wipe out over 200,000,000 million American's over the course of 90 months if it were delivered in the winter months.  It is the greatest foreign threat to America by a factor of 1000 times greater than any other.  

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